Looking for the right type of USB that won’t let you down?  PLEASE NOTE there is many types of inferior USB’S and flash drives within the New Zealand market.  These types of USB’s are made in china and are of very poor quality.  If you don’t won’t to be disappointed in the type of USB Flash Drives you purchase within the first 6 months of your purchase, choose one of our flash drives which are based on high quality USB components.

If you are unsure about a USB or flash drives, please consider the following upon your purchase:

·         Are your USB’S Windows XP and Vista compatible?

·         Does your memory stick provide you with reliable memory chips?  All or our chips are Samsung memory A Grade chips, with read write speeds of up to 8-10 MB per second, for the fastest data transfer!  Many USB’s are considerably slower, even to the point they can be very slow.

·         Do your flash Drives provide you with a data retention warranty?  All of our promotional USB’S that we sell come with a 10 year data retention warranty!

·         Are your Flash Drives available in optional storage capacities?  Our entire flash drive range is available in capacities from 512 MB all the way up to 8 GB.

We also provide options for decorating your promotional USB’s.  Do you like the idea of having your company or business name in front of your recipients every time they use their flash drive?  If the answer is yes, you may consider options for branding your promo USB’S.  Options within this category include printing or laser engraving or an epoxy dome finish.  Multiple color options for your PMS colors are available, or if you simply want the best decoration option available, try our premium laser engraving service.  Considering the amount of time your clients will use your flash drives and taking into account the life time of your gift, decorating your USB is a very cost effective option.  Our Decoration onto our promotional USB’S doesn’t coast the earth, yet provides you with lifetime of advertising, which is very valuable. 

Why not take your branding one step further with your promo flash drives and have your pre loaded data placed into the flash drive.  Very powerful marketing for anyone that uses your flash drives.  Every time the USB is used your company name or logo can appear onto the screen before anything is seen!

Need packaging for your USB’S?  No problem.  We have several packaging options for you to choose from.  Options within this area include PVC pouches, Poly Bags, tins and individual stylish gift boxes to name a few.  We also can provide a lanyard for your USB’S to be worn at any time.

Looking for custom made Novelty USB shapes?  We have a huge selection of Custom Promotional USB shapes for you to choose from.  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Contact one of our customer service operators today to discuss your next USB campaign.

Meals are specialise in a large range of thumb drives, which are basically just another name for flash drives or USB's. Look into something a little bit different? Why not try one of our pen drives or USB wristbands. Credit card flash drives are also something that you can have custom-made.




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